Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Annual Dinner VS Dinner with Love

HeiTech Annual Dinner

Nampak rock kan? Mmg tema annual dinner 2011 ni RockStar pun..nampak best kan?? Nampak meriah? Yes..mmg meriah..malang nye..i xpg pon dinner 2..juz dtg n tengok2 ape yg menarik.. Haizz..nak cite pon pnjang..mcm2 issue laa.. I dunt feel happy pon dgn annual dinner ni..n malas nak kecoh2..Feel sad sebenarnye..but.....lucky me..cz he always b with me... time tgh down.. he called me.. n ask me for dinner..

Situation :

Tgh make up staff2 lain dgn muka yg moody..suddenly..
Bbbzzzzzz bzzzz...(vibrate) 1 message received. "Jom dinner dgn b..kite makan steamboat k..:) "
*hurmm..tsenyum terus..*

Hah! xdpt makan pon xkisah la! dinner with him much better n yet happy sgt..sbb dye rajen melayan...ambik kan aiskrim...ayam madu.. :) heeee dats the one reason i love u bee.. sll selamatkan keadaan.. so lucky 2 have u in my life ♥ ! So the conclusion is, dinner with love more meaningful dr annual dinner...!

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