Thursday, August 12, 2010

♥ Happy Monthly Anniversary ♥

♥11 March 2010♥

Have been together for 5 months and 1 day..(11 march 2010) And i still love u so much.. Even we face a lot of obstacle in our relation, We'll never fall..and i promise u..i wont let you down..♥

I love him so much because..
He's very cute..
He's cheeky..
He's charming
He's got adorable eyes..
He's funny..and always make me laugh when m with him..
He takes such a good care of me..
He likes to pamper me..
He listens to me..
He's matured..
He's a great person to talk with..
He's very understanding..
He talk to me nicely..
He's patient when i get mad..
He has never yelling on me..
He always makes my heart melt..
He likes to do anything that can makes me happy..
He gives me sweet kisses..
He gives me warm hug..
He loves to touch my hair softly..
He makes me special..

All about him just make me madly in love with him..♥

♥Happy Monthly Anniversary Bee♥

Saturday, August 7, 2010

for him ♥

I surprised him by giving this cute lil cupcake to him during his working hour..^_^

*p/s : bentuk love atas cupcake 2 da rosak sbb kena kad 2..;( but xpe..dye still suke n happy..saye da puas ht...